Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day 9 Hubbard Glacier

The Hubbard Glacier is amazing. The day we went it was a beautiful clear day. Our waiter had recommended that we go to the very back of the ship where it wouldn't be cold and since the ship has to turn, we would still get a great view. He was right.

The front of the ship was freezing but it was nice and sunny at the back. We ate our lunch at the back and then I proceeded to take 400 pictures of the glacier. You can hear the ice crack before it breaks off. Amazing. (notice I use that work a lot when talking about Alaska)

I went up to the front of the ship first. The man in the hat and the blond lady with him are our friends from England, Cath and Andy.

As soon as my memory card was full the entire front of the shelf fell off!!

Up next, Sitka!!

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