Thursday, May 12, 2011

Arkansas Spring Break Day 1

As soon as we got on the highway to head to Arkansas I passed out travel bingo, scavenger hunt and tick tac toe sheets to give the kids something to do and look for on the trip.

Anthony noticed on the scavenger hunt that one of the items was a logging truck and he said "what are the odds we are going to see one of those" and I said "you never know" Well guess what? We didn't see one...we saw three!! The first one was on a small road we took by mistake and it was parked in someone's driveway, logs on it and all!

We stopped at the Beef Jerky Outlet outside of Garland to check it out.

The guy that worked there was determined to get Anthony to try this "hot sauce"

And he decided to go for it

This was before the heat kicked in

And this is him, eyes watering, breathing crazy, scrambling for the car keys to get his drink...he downed 3 Gatorades quick!

Then the guy was about to give it to Emma. A 10 year old! That made us pretty mad because it was really hot. Aaron tried it too and our next stop was at a gas station for milk. For the next hour the boys drank milk and put ice cubes on their tongue to cool the fire!

Anthony did pick up some gator jerky to try. He liked it.

We finally made it to Arkansas!

Next stop...Crater of Diamonds State Park!

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