Thursday, May 12, 2011

Arkansas Spring Break Day 2-3 Mt. Nebo

There is a little state park in between the Ouachita National Forest and the Ozark National Forest called Mt. Nebo. It is about five miles up on top of a mountain!

We got there in the dark to set up camp. There was one other family there camping but other than that, we were all alone.

This was my least favorite part about the entire trip. There was a rain and thunderstorm (the loudest thunder I have ever heard) all night which leaked into our it was freezing cold. I could barely move I was so cold. At 7 am I got up and went to sleep in the car!

And we woke up to fog so thick, you could barely see! We do want to go back when it's warmer because I'm sure it would have been the best pictures of the valley below!!

The view of the valley below on our way up the mountain.

As we were driving through we saw a group of 20 deer!!! I have never seen so many deer at one time before. The kids loved it!!

Sara all snuggled in our tent.

At 7 am when I first woke up, there was nothing but fog. When I woke up again a few hours later...still nothing but fog. We were hoping it would clear to take pics but it didn't so we went ahead and left.

Remember the pic of the valley from the night before? This pic was taken from the same spot the next morning! Crazy fog!

Quick lunch before heading up further north.

Next up...roadside waterfall!

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