Thursday, May 12, 2011

Arkansas Spring Break Day 2 Random

These are just random pics I took on the drive.

Emma got into trouble right after I took this pic because she wasn't wearing her seat belt. She is the only one of my children that does not automatically put it on when she gets in the car.

If you were to ever ride anywhere with me and my kids, this is how the car ride starts...

Me: Everyone have their seat belts on? Sara: Not Emma Me: EMMA?? Emma: I'm getting it on right now! Me: You know the first thing you do when you get into the car is put on your seat belt! Emma: I know! I know!

uhhhhh sometimes it's just frustrating being a mom! lol

We stopped off at a Taco Bell and the girls tripped out over the swivel seats. I didn't get why they thought they were so funny, then I realized that Taco Bell's don't have swivel seats anymore. hahaha

And for whatever reason...these were the ceiling tiles. In Taco Bell. Yep.

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