Saturday, August 27, 2011

Luncheon at Cowboys Stadium

Every year Aaron's work does a luncheon at Cowboy's Stadium. The kids love to go because we get to take a tour of the stadium. We've been three times to the new stadium and it has been a different tour each time. If you visit and take a tour, it doesn't matter which one you pick, they are all great!

This is the view from one of the suites.

We got to go into the cheerleaders locker room.

The Cowboys locker room was so nice!! Each wooden locker costs $10,000!!

I love the mini cupcakes, they are so cute!! They always have a buffet of nachos, burger and hot dogs. The food is awesome!!

They had a raffle and I was one of the first to win a prize! I chose this cute Flip video camera.

Sara won a cute t-shirt. I made her a pink and silver glitter hair bow to match!

Emma won a football, which she gave to her teacher because she is a Cowboys fan.

They also gave us tickets to the Rangers game that night so we headed over to the ballpark to watch the game!! That post is next!!

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