Saturday, August 27, 2011

My 35th Birthday

My birthday is July 9th and I have to say that this year's birthday was hands down the best ever.

Both of my girls, Emma & Sara chose to accept Jesus as their savior and get baptized. I am one proud mama!

I tried to make it a special day for them by decorating the table.

They helped me make petit fours, including making the crosses.

My mom bought each girl a cross to wear.

Our church has a "children's baptism" every few months and they had special characters walking around.

Look at all of those kids who decided to take the leap and get baptized. Simply awesome.

That's right baby, they are on God's Team!!!

My beautiful Emma. She has an amazing smile and a wonderful heart. I am so proud to be her mama.

My little Sara Bear. She is so shy and timid, I am so proud that she didn't hesitate to go into the water and show everyone her love for Jesus.

Me and my girls

Our Family

So that was my birthday this year. Pretty awesome, wasn't it?!

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