Saturday, August 27, 2011

Scarborough Faire 2011

The last weekend in April we took the kids to Waxahachie to Scarborough Fair. It was so much fun! It was our first year going and I didn't expect it to be as much fun as it was. Totally awesome day, even though it was super hot!

(It was on the news the other day that there was a fire there and it destroyed several buildings. Hopefully they can re-build and be back open for 2012)

There are so many artisans there with the different items they make. Here is Anthony trying out padded swords.

This is Adam Crack, the Fire Whip Guy. He was soooo funny! I would love to see him there again, very entertaining!

The parade...I love all of the costumes!! Makes me want to dress up next year!

This guy told Anthony he was taking a break and to take over for him! lol

The King and Queen.

The girls picked head bands as their souvenirs. They are hung up as decoration now.

We went on the Highland Games weekend and they had cabor tossing.

Time for the joust!

The Maypole Dance. They tried to get Sara to do it but she was just too shy.

The girls got to ride horses.

They played a few games.

Sara went in the petting zoo.

Emma won herself a prize!

There was an act that used border collies (our fav).

We got to see a wild bird show.

These ladies thought I wanted them to take our picture, I was like, "no, we want a picture with you" lol

Sara rode a pirate ship.....

...she wouldn't put her hands up so the guy running it jumped on to show her how. She still wouldn't do it.

Everyone in costume was so cool about taking pics with us.

This lady made the girls cute little origami animals.

I loved the costume shops!! They had the most beautiful costumes!!

Anthony practicing with his new wooden sword.

And that was our day at Scarborough Fair!! We plan on going back every year!!

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