Saturday, May 3, 2008

Back from Brownie Palooza!

Here is Emma this morning before we left for Brownie Palooza! She insisted on wearing her bandana on her head. She reminds me of Aaron kept talking about how pretty she looked this morning.
Here is Emma wearing the shirt and hats they made. She has several swap's from the other troop's attached to the hat. I'm not 100% clear about what the purpose of swap's are, but I do know that the troop's make them to trade for events like today.
The day was supposed to last until 6 pm but they finished up at 4. Her troop leader, Miss Debbie, said that it was a very long day. I bet!

Emma earned 6 more try-it's! That makes a total of 8! Not too bad for only being a Girl Scout for a couple of weeks. The try-it's are the little triangle shaped badges that the Brownies sew onto their vest's. Emma can also earn try-it's over the summer at home with me, so we will be working on those too!

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