Monday, May 12, 2008

monitor update

Okay, so it wasn't the power cord. Turns out, the nice shiny, new computer tower that Aaron bought wasn't compatible with our monitor and it fried it. Literally, smoke started coming up out of it. I was pretty unhappy about that considering that the monitor is only 4 years old. That isn't that old.

Hewlett Packard is willing to cut us a deal on a new monitor for our customer loyalty. I was like, "hell yeah we are loyal, we've bought 2 computers and a laptop from HP" I can get a 17" widescreen LCD for $180. Not too bad....but I don't have $180. So again, someday I will really blog again. yay

1 comment:

Dawn Endres said...

Oh No! Sorry that happened to ya. I love reading your blog.