Monday, October 6, 2008

King Tut @ the Dallas Museum of Art

The day I've waited 4 months for finally came!! We took the kid's to see the King Tut exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Art. When we left our house it was pouring down rain and of course Aaron said "you picked a great day Cortni" and my response was "like I knew four months ago that it was going to rain today"! lol

The exhibit was pretty interesting. They had a huge picture on the wall showing Tutankhamun's family tree and Sara got excited whenever we came across a statue that was pictured on the family tree. I definitely learned some interesting things. Like Tut married his half sister whose mother was Nefertiti.

When the girl's and I did our Ancient Egypt unit, we did basic stuff, pyramids, canopic jars, mummies, pharoah's. We didn't go into detail about the people because they simply would not have remembered it. So it was neat to learn so much more. Oh....and boy was Tut skinny!! He was only 5'6" (an inch shorter than me) and they don't know exactly why he died but they think it's because he broke his leg right above his knee a few days earlier and it became infected.

Another interesting thing was that they found the mummies of two female babies, believed to be him and his wife's stillborn babies. They had the tiniest little coffin's. Some of the artifact's they found were believed to have been used by King Tut as they showed signs of wear. The jewelry was absolutely beautiful. But the ancient Egyptian's were some little people! Their were a couple of chair's on display and it's hard to picture anyone sitting in them they were so little.

This weekend the girl's made mummies of their own using Barbie dolls. This one is Emma's.

And Sara's.
I just love how Sara's mummy had flaming red hair!
These are the Egyptian puppets they made showing how the ancient Egyptian's dressed.

Here we are on our way!

Yeah, that is pretty much it. You couldn't take any picture's in the exhibit.

But we did get the kid's some cool souvenir's. It's their names in hieroglyphic's. Pretty cool huh? Here is Sara's name.
Then we came home for a bit. I was reading my email and when I got up to go to the bathroom, this is what I found in my room. Aaron and the girl's totally crashed out.
Then I woke them up so we could go to the dollar movies to see Kung Fu Panda! Which we all loved! I will definitely buy it when it comes out.

Here is Sara pretending to be Tigress.

Now we are finally home!! We stopped off at Walmart and rented Iron Man so I am about to get off this thing and go watch it. We also picked up most of Anthony's Halloween costume. He is going as Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th. Sara is going as a bride and Emma is either going to be a vampire or a witch again. I wish it was all done and over with so we can get on with Thanksgiving!!


Holly said...

How FUN!!! Too bad you couldn't take any pics!!!

Super Healthy Kids said...

Sounds amazing. I too wish you could have taken pictures. I love to see things like that. We have a Pioneer museum in Salt Lake city, and i remember thinking everything in it was smaller than normal too. The little shoes a woman wore for her wedding were like a child's shoes. And the chairs were small too. Weird!