Monday, February 23, 2009

my new phone!!

Me and Aaron went and got new Blackberry Storm's yesterday!! I am pretty excited about my new toy! Aaron wanted to just go and look at them but I fell in love so I convinced him to go ahead and get them. He needed a new phone anyways, his was always dying.

Oh and we got The Boy his first cell phone too. But he got a little mouthy and lost it before he even had the service turned on. He will learn one of these days. lol

I tried and tried to use my camera to take pics but they just didn't come out well, so here is a picture of my phone from their website.

It's pretty cool. It's a touch phone so everything comes up on the screen. You can have your email's sent to your phone and you can browse the internet just like it's a mini computer. It's going to take me forever to learn all of it's features!

This is a pic of the case I picked for it.

And this is my old, worn out phone. It was actually my sister-in-law's first and then I got it. Now I guess it will be passed on to my mother-in-law since she wants it.


Anonymous said...

Cool!! Is this like the iphone?

Cortni said...

Yes, but different and in my opinion, better! lol

Crystal said...

Very cool! You'll get so used to having a new phone you'll be an old pro in just a few days! :)

Melanie said...

oh I'm so jealous. Sprint doesn't have the storm's yet so we got blackberry curves. I love my blackberry there are so many cool things out there for them.