Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Here are random pictures I have on the memory card that is in my new camera. Did I tell y'all I got a new camera? I don't think I did...well I will tell you about that later.

Anyways, here are my miscellaneous pictures.

Sara on the 100th day of school.

My mother-in-law's dog Baby.

Weinerschnitzel. I love Weinerschnitzel but there aren't any locations that are close to me. This is the one in Grand Prairie....I happened to be in Grand Prairie that day and me and Nicole had to stop by. Of course I took a pic of the place.

My sleeping puppy Caleb.

We had a storm the other night. It actually wasn't bad here, it just rained really hard. But I thought this pic was cool.

My girl's watching it rain.

I really haven't done too much the last few weeks since I have been sick. And guess what!?! I am getting sick again! Oh joy. This time I have an annoying cough and my chest is all congested. I am about to go to the store and get some Mucinex (a product I love). I used the Mucinex-D for my sinus infection along with their brand of nasal spray but now I need the DM to help my cough.

Sara is home sick from school today too because she is running a fever and her poor little nose won't stop running. She can't breathe and she doesn't know just yet how to blow her nose the right way to get it all out so I am gonna try the nasal spray on her and see if that helps.

But I have tons more to blog, the kid's all got new bed's and I've been trying to redecorate their room, I got a new camera (yay), we had a Valentine's Day slumber party (with fondue mmmm) and I have been painting and making stuff.....so when I actually get this stuff put together, I will post about it.

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Shelly said...

I WANT A NEW CAMERA!!!! Maybe then i could blog stuff again! And take enough pictures for you! lol