Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentine's Slumber Party

This year on Valentine's Day we decided to have the first annual
Emma & Sara's Valentine Slumber Party!!

Here is Emma helping me make the cheese fondue. We had lil' smokies, cheese tortellini and mini pizza ravioli's to dip in the cheese.

Everybody loved the fondue. I was really happy that it turned out to be such a hit.

For dessert we had chocolate fondue with pretzel sticks, marshmallows, strawberry marshmallows and bananas to dip in it. Of course the kids made little marshmallow chocolate people first. lol

All in all the kid's had a great time. They spent most of their time outside, either in the backyard with the dog or in the front yard riding scooters and playing with chalk on the chalkboard (my art easel is outside for them).

I cannot wait until spring gets here and we can spend most of our time outdoors. Summer just gets too hot to be outside all day, so spring is perfect. Good thing my friend Ashley lives up the street and has a pool in her backyard, because that is where we are spending our summer!

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