Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter 2009

We didn't do too much for Easter today, mainly because of the weather. It started raining last night and continued on this morning so the kids didn't get to do an egg hunt.

Here is the loot from the Easter Bunny. Really, they only had a couple pieces of candy and a couple books...until I went to the garage and found the stash I had bought back in February and had completely forgotten about.

So they got some kites, bubbles, puzzles, stickers and various lunch items. Oh, and since the Easter Bunny couldn't hide the eggs because of the rain, he left them for mommy and daddy to hide when it was dry. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

The Easter Bunny is too busy to remove price tags. hehehe

Here is Emma's loot.

And Sara's....the Dora should have been the giveaway! lol

I love these eggs. They are so pretty and come filled with candy. Perfect!

So that was it. The kids opened their junk and then played the rest of the day. Tomorrow (hopefully) we will dye eggs and do an egg hunt. We were gonna dye eggs today but since we couldn't actually hunt for them, I put it off. Oh yeah, and we were supposed to make cupcakes. Man I had a lazy Sunday!!

More Easter fun to come in the next couple of days when the weather cooperates!

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