Saturday, April 25, 2009

my new picture wall

I have a little wall separating the kitchen from the beginning of the hallway near my living room. When we first moved in over a year ago I hung two pictures up that I got for $2.50 each at Albertsons one day like 4 years ago.

But I hate those pictures. They don't go with anything and I am at a point where I would rather have nothing than them hanging there.

I wanted more pictures hanging up but I'm cheap and don't want to go buy a bunch of picture frames. Then I had my brilliant idea! Tacks and binder clips! I actually have no decorations in my room and the other day I put up a bunch of tacks and binder clips to show off the kids artwork and wah lah....instead decorations!

So this is what the bookshelf and pictures looked like before I decided to change it up. Yes, the bookshelf is not centered....I actually did it that way because I have a huge monogram B that says "The Bagby Family" in vinyl that I bought to go there. And I have a cute candle holder that was going to go next to it and it would have looked great with the bookshelf off center. But I think I will keep that vinyl stored away until we buy a house instead of rent....anyways...

I love pictures (duh) but I don't have enough space or picture frames to hang up all of my favorite pics.

I had to spray paint the tacks red to match my living room since red is the accent color. So here they are stuck to cardboard bottom of a package of bottled water.

And here is my tack and binder clip formation.

And the pictures!! Seriously, how cute is that? Yes it is obviously homemade but I think it's different and unique and it serves the purpose I wanted it for. Plus I can change it up with new pictures whenever I want so it won't ever get boring!

I am going to put them down our hallway as well since it is just a big empty wall right now. The only downside right this minute is that most of the pictures are older because I don't have new pics printed. They go right from my camera to the computer. So I guess from now on I will have to save my favs and go have them printed. Notice the bookshelf is centered now...okay maybe you can't tell by the camera angle, but trust me, it is.

I think I will hang some up for the kids in their room too so they can hang a few of their favorite family pics up too.

I need to come up with more stuff like this so it's not just everywhere in my house. So what do y'all think? What kind of stuff like this do you do in your house? Please share with me!!!

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