Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Strep Throat

Emma came home from school on Friday crying saying that her neck was hurting her really bad. She told me that she didn't injure it, it just hurt. So she pretty much went to bed and stayed there the rest of the night.

Saturday her neck was still hurting and she started to get a sore throat so I took her up to the ER. I was worried about her neck, paranoid about it being meningitis, which I have had and would not wish on my worst enemy!!! Giving birth to 3 children was a lot less painless.

Anyways, here is Emma in the car on the way to the hospital.

After waiting 2 hours, they finally took us to a room that had a tv so we chilled and watched Harry Potter. The triage nurse had given her some Tylenol since she had a fever of 102 degrees. Once her fever went down, she was all happy and smiling and ready to go home.

Unlucky for us, the doctor took like an hour and a half to come see us once we were in the room.

This is funny to me because we had the lights out and it was completely dark so the flash on my camera was pretty bright. I warned her I was taking another pic and she said "nooooo" lol She couldn't block it in time. hehehe

Well, it turned out that she only has strep throat. So she got to stay at home with me on Monday and Tuesday. Tuesday mainly because she had a terrible earache Monday and I was worried that she still had it, so I didn't even try to wake her Tuesday, I just let her sleep in.

But, she was nice enough to pass her strep throat on to me! yay! I have the headache, stomach pains, fever, sore throat and the tell-tell white patches on the back of my throat. But I have antibiotics for strep so it's all good.

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Lisa said...

Oh the poor baby, the photo of her in the car is the saddest thing. I'm so glad it wasn't men. and so glad she is feeling better. I hope you get better soon too.