Monday, April 20, 2009

Our Weekend

We had a fairly busy weekend. It started off early on Thursday when I went and picked up my friend Ashley and her kids and brought them to my house. Aaron had been on vacation all week and I was so ready for someone else to talk to.

Friday we did absolutely nothing. I got a girls night invite but it was just me and Ashley with all of the kids, so that was a no go. Instead, we watched Wall-E with the kids and then put them to bed.

Ashley went home on Saturday morning as I had to take Emma to the birthday party of one of her classmates. Here she is with all of the kids. Well, some of the kids. They weren't posing for me and I was at a bad angle to take a pic of all of them.

After the birthday party we went home and Aaron and I took Sara shopping with us at Central Market. It was the Thrill of the Grill weekend so they had all kinds of good stuff to try out.

We ended up with some natural hot dogs (in natural casings, interesting) that didn't taste like hot dogs at all, but they were good....and some beef sausage. We are grilling them tonight for dinner and we even picked up some sauerkraut to go with them, yum!

Then we moved on to some grocery shopping at Tom Thumb where I found these super pretty dishes that I now want. The plates alone are $10 each and even if I could afford to buy a full set, there is no way I would pay that much! I'm so cheap that way. But they are pretty to look at.

So we finally get home, exhausted and Ashley calls me to see if Anthony wants to go to a carnival by her house with her little brother Travis. Ashley and Travis had already been and Ashley didn't want her unlimited rides wristband anymore, so I said sure and Anthony and I headed over there.

The boys went to the carnival and I hung out with Ashley and her parents actually. It was quite entertaining. I left my house at 6 p.m. assuring Aaron I would be home by 7 but I didn't make it back until 9:30.

I find it funny that my best friend has a little brother old enough to play with my son. Not only that, but my son is almost 3 years older than her brother! But, Ashley is 7 years younger than me...although I don't think most people realize that.

Anthony ended up staying the night with Travis, where they stayed up until 5:30 in the morning playing video games! lol

The boys came back from the carnival with lots of fish they had won. Good thing Ashley had an aquarium and I don't, so Anthony's fish had to live at her house!

Then we went our separate ways. Ashley went out with a friend and I went home to my hubby, who was watching boring sports with his dad. So I cleaned...woohoo exciting Saturday night! lol

This is Ashley's parents dog, Blaster. He loves to harass me but when it was time to take a pic of him, he kept running away from me.

Sunday was just another cleaning day and that was it. So how was your weekend?

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