Monday, June 8, 2009


Aaron's sister Jennifer had her reception out at her house. Not only does she live in the country, but she has all kinds of fun toys for kids like 4-wheelers and go carts!

So of course the kids had a blast driving them around.

Here is Austin driving Sara around the track.

Emma driving....she LOVED it!!

They have a huge backyard for the kids to ride around in.

Emma is sooooo happy here!!

Emma just drove everyone around, she loved it....I don't know what I'm gonna do when she is 16, she is such a daredevil!!

Here is some video I took of Emma driving.

Emma told Jennifer that she wanted to stay the summer with her! Emma is definitely a country girl at heart! We already made plans to come back out to Jennifer's in a couple of weeks so the kids can ride go-carts (they have 3 of them). I think Emma has already packed a bag so she can just move in there. lol

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