Tuesday, June 16, 2009

We got a new car!!

Last night we went and bought a new car!! We have old cars that need a ton of repairs so we thought the best thing is to just get a new car. We really wanted a minivan so that way the kids would have tons of room and not fight over space.

We ended up getting a 2006 Chevy Uplander and we LOVE it!!!!

Look at how big this car is! It's a crossover of a minivan and an SUV.

We love the captain's chairs. That was definitely one of the things on our list of must haves. Another must have was air vents in the back so the kids can get air back there and this car has them.

The BEST part....the tv and dvd player!!!! The kids of course love it and I love the wireless headphones that came with it because I don't have to listen to their movies, I can listen to the radio instead. Plus there are extra headphone jacks and it has the hook-ups for a game system! I cannot wait to take this car on a road trip!!

My seat!! This car is soooo pretty inside!

I didn't know how much I liked the wood panel look until now. hehehe

Look at all of that room! An adult can sit comfortably anywhere in the car (we know because we tested it)!

Love the leather on the doors.

So that is the tour of our new car....I forgot to mention how incredibly smooth it drives. I am so happy!!

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Katrina Marie said...

Awesome!!! It's so pretty. Now you're making me want one. lol :P