Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Yesterday Pics

Well we had to go driving around yesterday to break in the new car and show it off to my mom and Aaron's mom and sister, so here are a couple of pics as we were out and about.

I will never ever own a car again that does not have a tv in it. All we heard from the girls was the occasional giggle at the movie they were watching.

Don't you just love me with NO makeup and those wonderful grey hairs poking up?!?! I am only 32 and that is way too young to have as much grey as I do!

Aaron did not want his picture taken.

I do not like this pic at all...I had just taken Aaron's pic and said "that's not how you take a pic in the car, this is"....bad pic of me, but I had to post it because why is Sara licking the back of her hand? ROFL Seriously!

When we got home the girls went to their room and quietly played with each other until bedtime.

Then they crashed out together on Sara's bed. They love each other. At least yesterday they did.


Fran said...

so where is Emma's car picture??? & why was Sara lisking the back of her hand?? don't you fee those poor babies??? ROFLOL - nice blouse!

Cortni said...

I kept trying to take Emma's pic but I was driving and she was behind me so it kept cutting off her head! lol

Yes, it is a nice blouse, thank you so much!! lol