Saturday, June 27, 2009

Grandma & Uncle Mike

My grandma and my uncle Mike flew in from California on Tuesday to visit. My grandma is staying for the summer but my uncle was only in town for a couple of days. My mom, me and the girls went and picked them up from the airport and took them up tot he hospital to visit my other uncle, Dean.

The girls were so good and quiet the whole time we were up at the hospital.

We were on the 6th floor so they kept looking out the window to see what they could see.

Awwww me and my girls!

My sweet baby Emma.

My uncle Dean, my grandma and my uncle Mike. Sara took this picture.

Silly girls!


Sara took this picture of me.

The next night we met up to go to dinner. My uncle wanted a good bbq place so we headed to Fort Worth and ended up at Riscky's.

I tried to get a cute pic of us, but he wouldn't get off of the phone!

Then in the car, he purposely would NOT smile for me...what a butthead!

Me and my grandma! She kept looking at me and saying "Cortni, you sure are red" lol I had such a bad sunburn!

Me and the girls had gone swimming earlier in the day and even though I had 70 spf sunscreen on my face, I still burned!

I ordered the trio of smoked ham, brisket and pork ribs. It was crazy how much food they give you! When I ordered I knew that I was taking most of it home to have for lunch the next day, but dang!! That was a lot of food!!

But it was good and it's one of the few places that sells beef ribs and that was a plus to Aaron because he doesn't eat pork ribs.

They put a pink cowgirl hat on my grandma and sang her happy birthday! Her birthday was on June 7th and she was still in California so we didn't get to celebrate with her.

Me and my uncle Mike.

My uncle Mike and my mom.

So that was our visit. The next day I took uncle Mike to the airport. Hopefully he will come back and see us again soon, we had so much fun with him. The girls loved him, especially Emma!

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