Saturday, August 22, 2009


I took the girls to Target last weekend to pick out backpacks and what do you know, they picked the same one! I didn't mind too much because they are absolutely adorable!! But right away they started to argue over which one was which.

So Aaron and I thought the best thing to do was have their names embroidered on them!

Isn't that cute?! I love the way they turned out.

Emma's name really blends in, I didn't realize how much it would blend when I picked the color, but I still think it's cute.

We debated over to have their names or just their initials. You know, for safety reasons and all. But, I take the kids to school and the bus literally drops them off at my door, so they are pretty safe and we went with names. Now I want to find more things to have embroidered! lol

And the backpacks are so cool, they have wheels and a handle that extends out. And the straps are clipped on so you have un-clip them and tuck them into their own pocket so they don't drag on the ground.

Pretty cool.

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