Sunday, August 23, 2009

One Year

Today was the one year anniversary of the death of our friend Will. It's hard to believe that it has already been a year.

This year, same as last year, we went out to the lake to celebrate Will's life and release balloons for him. Today was a really good day.

Here I am with Will's sister Sam. This was the first time I've met her but we have been talking online and on the phone and I think it's awesome that we have become friends.

Here is Will's daughter Katie. She cracked me up today, hitching a ride on my back in the lake, I couldn't shake her loose! lol

Here is Sam wearing the necklace I made for her with Will's initials. I made one just like it for Katie too.

All of the balloons.

Kristen is Katie's mom and today was a happy day except for some tears when we released the balloons.

Here is Daniel being funny.

William David Spencer Jr.

The plan is to come out to the same spot at the lake every year to do the same thing. I love our group of friends, we are all more like family. We all miss Will but we won't let his memory fade.

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