Tuesday, August 25, 2009

school lunches

I'm bored so I'm posting lunches. All 3 kids have been taking their lunches to school so far, it's been fun thinking up new things to put in so they don't have the same boring thing. Except Sara. She is a creature of habit and wants the same thing everyday.

Here is Emma's lunch for today. (well part of it) I made her 2 mini cheeseburgers, carrots, black olives and in a separate container she had some mac n cheese and a fruit cup.

Emma's lunch Tuesday. Pasta shells with olive oil, feta cheese, artichoke tapenade, marinated mozzarella balls thinly sliced, fresh chopped spinach leaves and black olives. It is soooo good!!

This is the 2nd part of her Tuesday lunch. Tuna and cheddar mini sandwiches, strawberries, and not pictured is a little pkg. of cheese.

Sara's Tuesday lunch. Mustard sandwich, cheese, pepperoni, yogurt drink and one grape. Yep just one. That is what she told me to put in. When she got home yesterday I asked her if she ate her one grape and she said "yes, but I meant to tell you 3 grapes". lol She cracks me up!

Anthony's lunch. Two mini ham sandwiches, carrots, some PJ ranch, cheese stick and chips.

And here is Emma yesterday morning all ready for school.

And cranky Sara who did not want a picture taken!

I didn't take their picture this morning but I should have because they both looked super cute. I made Sara a bunch of hair bows to match her school outfits exactly.

That's it for now. Hope everyone's kids are having a great school year so far too!!

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