Friday, January 22, 2010

our trip!

I am so excited! Aaron and I are taking a 2 week trip to Europe in April! This trip is the only thing we have thought about and talked about for the last few weeks.

We will be visiting London, Paris and Amsterdam. We love history and architecture, so this is a dream trip for us! I cannot wait to see Paris!!!! I am obsessed with anything French right now and the kids have been listening to my French language cd with me in the car whenever we go anywhere, so they are learning French too!

Check out the hotel in Paris! Love it! It's in the Rue Cler neighborhood that is filled with bakeries, open markets, fromageries (cheese!). Plus it's within walking distance of the Eiffel Tower.

And we have to stop in to the historic bar at the Hotel Royal Fromentin to try some absinthe, made the old fashioned way. Close by is the Moulin Rouge. I've gone back and forth about whether or not I want to spend the money to go there. The cheapest tickets are for the 11 pm show without dinner and they run about $110 each. But I have to go, it's the Moulin Rouge!!! I must see the can can!!

The best part will be the Eiffel Tower. Did you know that it twinkles with thousands of lights every hour on the hour? How beautiful is that going to be? I love it. Cannot wait to see it.

We are planning on spending around 6 days in London. Since we are staying there for free, we thought we would make the most of it. We also want to rent a car and drive to Stonehenge, Old Sarum and then eat at an inn that has been running for over 700 years. 700 years!!! It's called The George Inn and it's near Bath.

And then on to The Netherlands, formerly known as Holland. We are planning on visiting Amsterdam. One of the places we want to visit while we are there is the house that Anne Frank hid in during the war. There is also the Van Gogh museum. Did you know that it's suspected that Van Gogh had been drinking absinthe when he cut off his own ear? And I can't wait to take a canal ride at night to see the city.

We are so excited and have been reading every travel book we can get our hands on. If anyone has been to any of these places and has a must-see to share, please tell us!! We love history, architecture and non-touristy things to do and see.

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