Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Frannie

Today is my mom's birthday. She 106. Looks good for her age doesn't she? hahaha

I took her out to Red Lobster where my friends were waiting to surprise her for lunch. She was so happy. Here is the blanket that they got her. Kristen's mom made it, isn't it beautiful?

I want one bad. When Kristen told me she was getting my mom one I told her "no, it's my birthday, get me one instead" lol Pathetic aren't I?

Here's Kristen.

And Jennifer....Carrie was there too but she wasn't wearing make-up, therefore she declined to photographed. I was wearing make-up and did not decline to be photographed, but it never came up so I'm not in any pictures. oops

I made my mom a heart with a picture of me and my brother on it. I have better pics of it at the bottom of the post.

The picture frame I made her. It was supposed to be her Christmas present but I forgot to give it to her on Christmas. Oops again. I'm such a bad daughter. lol

Carrie brought cupcakes.

Your guess is as good as mine! hahaha I crack myself up

The heart I made her. I heart it myself. I love the flowers. (patting myself on the back)

So Happy Birthday Frannie! I love you!

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