Friday, January 22, 2010

Jen's 27th Birthday

We celebrated my friend Jen's 27th birthday on Saturday with all of our friends. We all got dressed up (me in a dress and heels ha!) and hit the town.

This is Jen and her boyfriend Shawn. He rented a Hummer limo for us to ride around in all night. Awesome.

But....right before we left in the limo, Shawn got down on one knee and asked Jen to marry him. awwwww And we got to be there for it!

Kristen giving Jen a congrats hug.

Her ring...beautiful!

Me and my hubby. I loved my can't see it that well in the pics, but it was this one here. It totally made me want to wear dresses more often. Now I just need a tan so my legs aren't so scary white! lol

Me and the birthday girl!

The whole crew. We had so much fun!! This is the best group of friends a person could ask for!

Kristen and Daniel.

Jen opening her party favors. I made shot glasses for everyone with their initials on them. The guys only had their initials but the girls glasses also had black and hot pink polka dots. I need to take a good pic of them and I will post them later.

We went to dinner at Maggiano's. I love that restaurant. That is where we went on my 30th birthday. If you are near one and haven't been...go!! I highly recommend the mozzerella marinara for an appetizer and the lasagna for dinner. It is hands down the best lasagna I have ever tasted!

Blowing out her candles.

After dinner we headed over to Pete's Dueling Piano Bar but we were only there maybe 20 minutes. It was so hot and crowded we got out of there. Then we went to Duke's in Addison and had a really good time. They had couches and music and everyone (even my hubby) got up and danced.

At the end of the night. Aaron took this picture right before we changed out of our clothes to hang out at Kristen's.

We had a great time and it was a lot of fun seeing everyone dressed up.

Happy Birthday Jen!! And Congrats to you and Shawn!

The next day we just hung out and Daniel made some awesome kabobs.

And that was our weekend.

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