Friday, March 19, 2010

American Airlines C.R. Smith Museum

On Tuesday I took the kids to the American Airlines C.R. Smith Airline Museum in Arlington. I didn't know what to expect and we ended up having a great time!

The first thing we did was watch a 15 minute video about the history of American Airlines. Sounds like it would be boring, but it wasn't at all. It was played in a small theater on a huge screen and you sit in real airplane seats.

After the movie, we walked through the museum, which is small but full of really cool stuff.

This is what the first seats on the airplanes looked like back in 1934. Not very comfy looking!

They had lots of hand-on exhibits for the kids. This is a mock cockpit.

I love this picture!! Emma is such a beautiful girl!

You get to go inside and explore this plane! It was tiny inside, I would be so uncomfortable flying in this!

Cocktails anyone? lol

Here is the end of an engine. It is huge! The video tells you that they put a new engine in every plane after 8000 hours of flying.

There were exhibits to teach about lift, air pressure and how a propeller works.

So that was our Tuesday. After the museum Anthony had a doctor's visit and after that we headed home and the girls went to play with their friends.

I would definitely go back to the museum and if you live in DFW, I recommend it!

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