Friday, March 26, 2010

Dallas Heritage Village

For the last field trip of spring break I took the kids to Dallas Heritage Village. We had a great time! There wasn't a lot of people there and it was very peaceful and quiet, plus the weather was perfect. It was just an overall good day.

I plan on buying a family membership so we can come back throughout the year for the special events they have. Aaron didn't get to come with us but I know that he will love it. We are a family that loves history!

Here are the kids in front of Millermore House.

Inside Millermore.

The dining room.

Sara was interested in the porcelain dolls in the buggy.

They were having lunch in the George House. I asked if they minded if I took their picture and they said, nope not at all.

Child's bedroom upstairs.

View from the front porch of the George House.

They had an activity for the kids. They gave them Civil War era paper dolls to color and play with and Sara made a yarn doll.

Inside the doctor's office.

This was the kitchen in the tiny shotgun house.

Sara loved that they had a sewing machine.

We did a quick run-through at the train station.

And then headed over to the bank.

The vault.

Inside the general store. The kids found it fascinating that this is where you had to get everything you needed. They had fabric rolls for making dresses and a pretty good cast iron collection.

Coloring spinning tops.

The church.

Inside the schoolhouse, the lunch pails.

Sara told me later that the school was her favorite part. She loved the McGuffey's First Reader. I know that Mardel sells them in their home school section so I promised that I would pick her up one.

After the schoolhouse we took a wagon ride with the park's donkey's Nip and Tuck.

At 2 o'clock the kids gathered at the shotgun house to take a turn at the pinata.

This cabin was the first school for girl in Dallas and all 14 of them lived here as well. And I thought my house was small!

Sara loved this thing whose name has escaped me for the moment. They had a whole box of cards to look at.

There was a sign above this asking if you could send your 6 year old to work for 18 hours a day in a factory...ummm NO! It's sad that children had to experience that.

They had a couple of catalogs from 1895. You could buy a rifle for only $4.00!

They found this "drill" outside and took turns digging a huge hole.

I loved this house! It had a breezeway, garden, barn, chickens, goats...I want to live here!! lol

So that was our Friday of spring break. If you live in the Dallas area and have never been to the Dallas Heritage Village, go!! It was so much fun!

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What a fun day. I loved taking my kids to places like this. So much to learn.
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