Wednesday, March 24, 2010

St. Patrick's Day 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day 2010!

I've been pretty late getting pictures up since spring break ended but I've been sick and just lounging around since Sunday. I didn't want to fall too far behind on blogging, so here are pictures of St. Patrick's Day.

Since it was spring break I took the kids down to the Fort Worth Stockyards to enjoy the activities they had going on. We were actually supposed to go to Dallas Heritage Village that day but I went the wrong way on Hwy 820 and ended up in Fort Worth. Oops. I am directionally challenged.

Here is Emma ready to leave the house. That is before she saw that my St. Patty's shirt made you look like a leprechaun and made me switch with her. And then she forgot her headband at home. lol

I took out my big green bow and the girls played around with it.

Sara snagged my "Everyone loves an Irish girl" sash.


Here we are at the Stockyards Station, which is just a big shopping area. There is a restaurant there called Riscky's and it is the best BBQ! We ate there back in June when my uncle and grandma flew into town.

The had a Cow Herd Camp going on, which was really just cowboys telling you what life was like back in the 1800's.

They also had a free petting zoo for the kids. This was the best petting zoo I have ever been to. The animals were so sweet and let you pick them up. They had goats, rams, bunnies, baby pigs, mini horses, ducks, geese and chickens. I think that was all of the animals, there were a lot!

Anthony was rather fond of this goat. He didn't want to put him down.

Then I took the kids to the huge wooden maze. This picture doesn't even get all of it in it. I was on the parent's observation deck and the maze goes more to the right, left and under the deck.

Admission was $5 each and worth every penny! At the beginning they time stamp a card that has the word MAZE on it. Those 4 letters are hidden throughout the maze with a hole punch so you can punch out your letter as you find it. Then you try to race out to get the best time.

Sara and Emma both got 17 minutes. But that was mainly because they couldn't find the exit and ended up leaving through the entrance and they wouldn't let them back in. They didn't even know the difference.

Anthony ended up with 24 minutes but he exited the right way. Next time we go back I want to race Aaron and see who wins! lol

When we came home I made the kids rainbow cupcakes.

They turned out perfect! A new St. Patty's tradition!

As soon as they were done the girls friends showed up and helped them eat the cupcakes.

So that was our St. Patrick's Day this year!! What did everyone else do to celebrate?

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