Thursday, January 17, 2008

My 2 new toys

Okay, so Aaron got his bonus check this week and I went shopping. I didn't spend too much (surprise surprise). I picked up 2 things I desperately needed. The first, a blender. I have the best frozen fruit in my freezer from Sam's, I love it. It's flash frozen and looks and tastes great. It's made by Dole and I really wished they sold it at Walmart but they don't.

Anyway, Emma loves smoothies. And I don't have a blender. want to know how stupid I am? Aaron had a $90 blender. I lost the lid to it and when we moved decided to just throw the whole thing away. Yeah, that was before I knew it was a $90 blender! Who the heck pays that much for a blender?? I easily turned that argument around on him for paying so much for it. So I found this little Black & Decker one at Walmart last night for only $20. Definitely a more appropriate price for a blender.
Here is my 2nd purchase. I actually bought this first, the day before yesterday. I have wanted a Dyson since they first came out, before they were so popular. This year Aaron said that I could go ahead and get one. YEAH!!!! A Dyson!!!! I cannot bring myself to pay that much for a freakin vacuum!! I can't do it.

So instead, I bought the upgraded version of the little vacuum that I already had (that broke) that I loved. I seriously loved my little yellow vacuum. So this I got at Walmart for only $50. I love it. You can go to and enter in "eureka" and find it on there and see all of the little features it has. My favorite part is how easy it is to empty the canister. It's awesome. It has great power.

I'm sure that a Dyson would be the best, I have no doubt. But even if I had to buy a new Eureka every year, it would take 8 years for me to spend what I would on a Dyson. And hopefully by then, the patent will run out and there will be cheaper models out there, forcing Dyson to lower their prices. That's my plan. I will still own a Dyson one day. Yes I will.

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