Monday, January 14, 2008

oral surgery

So I finally have an appointment to have my teeth taken out. It's all set for February 6th and I must say that I am looking forward to it. I have had problems with my wisdom teeth for over 10 years and they are broken down to my gums. I did have one wisdom tooth and an extra molar removed 10 years ago but now I have 4 more to take out. One is a permanent tooth and that kinda sucks. I never even had a cavity until I was 21 and now I have all of these issues.

Because the teeth are broken down so far, they have to completely knock me out to get them out. One tooth is actually split straight down the center. Then there is the fact that I have 2 golfball sized cysts, one in each sinus cavity. And the end of the "broken down the center" tooth is lodged in one of the cysts. Gross. The problem with that is it is going to leave a big hole when they get it out and they might not be able to plug it up. Oh joy.

On my bottom jaw I have 2 abcesses (probably didn't spell that right) under my wisdom teeth that are the size of a pencil eraser. I'm just so lucky aren't I? I am really super lucky that it's going to cost me $600 to have it done. Ergh

At least Aaron is taking a few days off to be at home with me. They said it should only take a few days to heal so that is good. Plus they will give me pain pills so I won't be hurting too bad. Now the countdown begins.....

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