Friday, January 25, 2008

Book Review "Atonement" *SPOILERS*

So I read the book Atonement by Ian McEwan because the movie looks good and I prefer to read a book before seeing the movie version. So here is my take on the book.

I hated it. The story line was good so it wasn't that. It was Ian McEwan's style of writing. Talk about descriptive! And I thought that Stephen King was bad about going into too much un-neccesary detail! This book was more like one big drawn out ramble!

I hope that he was intending the reader to despise the little girl from the start, because if so, he accomplished it. Plus she was much too childish for her age. Seriously, I don't care what time period it is, his description of her fit a 9 year old better than a 13 year old.

In the middle towards the end, there was way too much time spent on describing Robbie's travel with the other soldier's. None of it was relevent to the plot. Then Briony coming to her sister's apartment and Robbie being come there was no reunion in the book between Cecilia and Robbie?

I think if Mr. McEwan didn't like to hear himself ramble so much (oh and I love the use of big words to make himself sound like a smart writer), then he could have developed the story a lot better at the end.

He builds up big at the beginning, does alright in the middle and then quick finishes the end. Which by the way, the last chapter was confusing as heck until halfway through it when you find out what character is narrating it. Oh....and I just love the huge year gap 60-70 years later that it jumps too. How boring!

I could care less what happened to Briony, but you devote an entire chapter to it? You barely remark on the fate of Cecilia and Robbie as if they didn't matter. The "letter" from the publishing house that was sent to Briony should have been sent to you! The exact things "they" critiqued her for are your flaws!!

Overall, after reading the book I have no desire to see the movie. I figure that it will make me just as irritated as the book so I will save my money!

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