Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sara's Spring Outfits

Aaron and I went shopping earlier and decided to buy Sara her spring clothes. I wasn't planning on getting them all at Walmart but their stuff was so cute I couldn't resist.

Now I just need to pick up some flip flops from Old Navy and put bows on them. One pair of hot pink/green and one pair of brown/pink. Plus matching hair bows of course ( I have some special ribbon set aside for the green/pink).

Normally I wouldn't buy 3 Irish shirts but they are so cute and for only $3.50 each I had to buy them. I bought some really cute terry cloth capri's to go with them.

I absolutely love the colors brown and pink together so I had to get her these two shirts.

A matching jacket
Aaron wasn't too happy with my choice of this skirt. Anyone who knows him knows that he doesn't allow the girl's to wear short skirts or shorts. It's not that short on her so I went ahead and got it.

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