Friday, February 15, 2008

"their always after me Lucky Charms"

Yeah I couldn't help quoting the movie Austin Powers. Me and Aaron did not exchange gifts for Valentine's Day. He had gone looking for me some Longhorn pj bottoms but couldn't find any.

Instead, he took me shopping today and this is what I picked....a pair of Lucky Charms pj bottoms. I still didn't get him anything though. And he still has to take me out for Thai food.
And I couldn't resist the clearance section....normally $50 got it for $25. These toys are incredible learning toys for kids. They had some other regular Magnetix on sale too so I think we will go back and get more.
What I thought was funny was that we had gone to Whole Foods in Plano to pick up the lotion for the girl's that I had special ordered. Since Aaron had to get going to work and the only Walmart on the way back was at Frankford and Marsh. As we were pulling into our parking space guess who I see loading their car....Rachel. What a strange coincedence. We almost went down a different lane to park and I probably wouldn't have seen her. yep yep

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