Saturday, February 2, 2008

New Hobby

Okay...I can't seem to sit still lately and so I decided to pick up another new hobby. Yep, knitting. I actually learned how to knit in the 5th grade when my teacher, Mrs. Bollinger, taught me how. That year I also learned how to crochet although I am horrible at it. I can also cross stitch and am so-so. But knitting I can do.

I decided to go with bamboo (did you know that bamboo isn't wood, it's a grass?). The whole wood thing comes from the new style of homeschooling we are going to try....but that will be explained on the homeschool blog so you will have to go there to find out about it.

Anyways, I went to Walmart and found this yarn. It's really pretty, brown and turquoise. I am making a scarf. Okay, the only thing I know how to make is a scarf. lol I want to learn how to make a hat and a blanket. I will sign up for lessons for that though....someday. It's gonna be a big fluffy scarf.

Well.....since my scarf is gonna take awhile, I decided to get a 2nd set of needles (a little smaller than the needles for mine) and this so soft blue yarn for Emma. This stuff is crazy soft and blue is her favorite color. I just started on should only take a couple of weeks to complete.
Tonight my mom and I went to Big Lots and I found these balls of yarn for only $1 each! It isn't quite the same as Emma's. It isn't as fluffy. But it is really pretty. The green is my favorite, reminds me of a mermaid (it has a little blue through it).
Also found this at Big Lots on clearance for $5. It is perfect for our new homeschool style (Waldorf). They put a big emphasis on wood toys over plastic. And this had 100 pieces! I also bought a storage container with a lid that has to clamps on it to keep them in.
What a hit with the girls. They love to use their imagination. Earlier tonight we all painted with real watercolors (not I love art. So do the girls. I'm so happy.

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