Monday, February 18, 2008

New bento stuff for the kids

My mom and I went shopping yesterday and I bought the kid's a bunch of new bento stuff. We went to Shop Minoya in Plano, World Asian Market in Plano and the Disney Store at the Stonebriar Mall in Frisco.

I got a good deal at the Disney Store. The little containers came in 3 packs for $5.50 each or 3 for $12. Even though the 101 Dalmations is a little kid-ish for Anthony, I figure it's better than Hello Kitty.

At Shop Minoya I did get him a green bento box. It is so hard to fin boy bento boxes! One of Aaron's employees is gonig to Japan soon for a visit and they said that if I gave them a list (preferrably with pics) they would get me whatever I wanted. So cool. I have my eye on a Nightmare Before Christmas bento for him.

From the Asian World Market. It's a puppy but it looks like a bunny. It's adorable.
It has a removable white container and a band to keep it closed.
These are so little, I love it. There are some that are even smaller in the pic of everything on the table. Another find at Asian World Market. Built in area for fork and spoon. This bento and the other are around $5-6. Not expensive, but when you are buying some much stuff at one time it adds up.
Sara with her new pets checking out the bento's.
Little rice bowls. I can get the kid's little chopsticks, but until I can get them to even eat rice, I will wait.
These came in packs with 4-5 forks each and same for the spoons.

This is a rice mold. Since the kids don't eat rice, I need to figure out what else I can mold. You can't see it, but they actually have little holes on the ends so nothing like jello or anything. Oh...I just had an idea...tell you later.

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