Sunday, February 17, 2008

my late night shopping finds

We got home from Going Bonkers just a couple of hours before Aaron got off of work and as soon as he got home he changed and we headed out to church.

After church we took the girl's out to eat at Rodarte & Vivero's Blue Moon Cafe (our fav Mexican restaurant) and the girl's were so good! They are always good when we go to a restaurant, but we don't go out that often, so I don't get to appreciate their good behavior that much. You caught that right? lol

Well Aaron was exhausted (he worked all day yesterday, got off a midnight, drove to Winstar with a friend, got home at 7:30 am, slept for 1 hour and then went to work at 9 and got off after 4). So I dropped him and the girl's off at home and headed up to Best Buy to help my mom buy a computer.

Then we went to Walmart to get Sara a new car seat. Graco is my favorite brand but the one I got was on sale for $30 instead of $40 and the Graco was $50. So here is her new car seat.

I also picked up a couple of recorders for them to use in school. I totally didn't think about it until I got home but I should have gotten one for Luke too. So I have a mental reminder to do that the next time I go to Walmart.
We strolled around checking out the Easter stuff. I saw this and had to buy it to make sure I had it. If anyone knows my son, they will understand the need to buy this! lol Anthony hasn't seen it yet, but he is gonna flip out when he does.
Ok, so here comes the best part!!!!!! We saw these Littlest Pet Shop Valentine tubes of pets. They had 2 different 3 packs. One has a bird, butterfly and chihuahua. The other has a bunny, monkey and a gecko.

They were on a shelf that said $4.97, but they were for Valentine's Day and all of the Valentine's Day stuff is 50% off. So they rang up $4.97. Told the cashier they should be half off and her manager was right there and he said, yep it's not ringing up right, she gets it for free. What?!

Ok-don't get too excited. I didn't get it free because it rang up wrong, that is only half right. Basically, it's Walmart's policy that if it is supposed to be clearanced and it rings up wrong, if the corrected price is under $3, you get it free.

Oh yeah, so I went and got 2 more. Then the cashier recommended that I pick up more if they have them. Well, how many? As many as you want. Okay, I won't argue. I left with a total of 18 tubes. 18!!! And there were still some left, believe or not (I felt so guilty getting so many). So if you know us and your kid's birthday is coming up, you now know what they are getting! lol


Nicole said...

nothing better than a late night walmart run!!!! Northwood students know all about that, we like live at walmart LOL

Shannon said...

Ooh, we missed those at Target's clearance. If you have the desire to sell us a couple (just 1 & 1), Faithie & Ben would love it.