Thursday, February 21, 2008


Okay so we are finally moving! We have been here for 6 months and we have all developed cabin fever from the tiny space. What is funny is that the house we are moving to isn't very big at all. Not at all....940 square feet!!! But we are getting a pretty sweet deal, so I'm okay with it.

It's gonna be a change moving from Lewisville to Watauga...say Watauga 3 times fast! What a horrible city name. We will be right on the border of Watauga and North Richland Hills. Right up the street from the brand new library they are building and will have open mid-April.

The house is little but has a HUGE backyard! First thing on my list is a swingset for the kids. And a bench for the front porch. The kid's are going to have so much fun being ableto run free in the backyard. And for Anthony, Watauga has a skate park. He will be in heaven.

Plus my friend Ashley wants to move nearby and her mom lives in North Richland Hills. And has a pool! Ashley is going to be babysitting her 8 year old brother this summer and has decided that me and the kids are just gonna swim all day and then we can get tan. Works for me!

Aaron will only be about 10 minutes away from work. We could buy the house if we wanted to but we have decided to just rent. Looks like Washington is a few years down the road...yes I said a few years. How heartbreaking! The only reason we stayed here for so long was because we were planning on moving out of state. Some people knew that and others didn't so it was confusing to people as to why we would live here when we didn't have to. Oh well.

Hopefully we can move next Thursday.....a backyard and my own space...I'm beyond excited!!

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