Sunday, January 11, 2009

2nd day of school

Nothing too exciting here but I took pics of the girl's leaving. I was trying to capture Sara's new hair bows that I had made for her, but the pics didn't come out too well.

Emma's lunch. Carrots with light ranch, strawberries, cream cheese and ham sandwich, a cheese stick, grapes, applesauce and organic berry fruit snacks. I put too much stuff in this lunch, so she just had the rest as a snack when she got home.

Sara had 100 Calorie Cheetos, mustard sandwich, mini yogurt, grapes and a cheese stick.

All of the kid's take water and a Gatorade in their lunches.

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Intergalactic Expanding Panda said...

Wow, I wish my lunches were made with this level of detail when I was in the 2nd grade. I made my own. Standard fare P&J with a red delirious apple, mug o' soup, though on Fridays I did pickled herring in sour cream or mustard on Russian rye. From time to time I got wild and made sushi, California rolls or Seattle Rolls (lox & cream cheese), or I got really wild and made my own kimchi, or borscht. I was limited to about $1.25 including milk.