Sunday, January 11, 2009

First Day of Public School

Thursday was the kid's first day of public school. Anthony and Emma have actually been to ps before but they were still excited to go back. Not at first, I had to convince them that they would have a ton of fun at regular school.

But for Sara, Thursday really was her first day of public school. Anthony is in 6th grade (we wanted to give him time to get used to middle school), Emma is in 2nd grade and Sara is in Kindergarten.

She is very proud of her lunch box. The girl's take their lunch and Anthony buys his lunch. Except on the days he doesn't like what they are serving, like Friday, then he will bring his lunch.

I don't know what he is doing but he did it twice then I told him to knock it off and pose right.

Here is Emma's lunch. This is the top level with strawberries, grapes, a fruit cup and mini yogurt.

The bottom level has a cream cheese and ham sandwich, light Babybel cheese and a 100 Calerie Pack of chocolate animal cookies.

Sara had Reduced Fat Cheez-It's on top....

...and underneath, two mustard sandwiches (they are supposed to be double hearts), a little Clementine orange, light Babybel cheese and grapes.

They all had a good first day and they all made new friends so that is a huge relief to me!


Shelly said...

I'm so happy for you and them that they are like ps and made new friends!! So what are you doing all day, you know i'm only in Arlington you can meet me for lunch!!

Cortni said...

Well, as far as what I do all day house is really really clean. lol

When I get my Jeep fixed I will definitely meet you for lunch!