Sunday, January 11, 2009

school supplies

The pics aren't in the best order, but I am trying to hurry so I can get started on the laundry. Here are some of the cute things we got the kids for school.

Here is Sara and her cupcake backpack.

Emma found a Bratz backpack she liked. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find cute backpacks halfway through the school year?!

Okay, this isn't for school, but isn't is adorable?! Both girls have one and I want one too. Okay, not really.

Emma's lunch box. I saw this and had to have it for her. It is so pretty and girly.

And now they have Hannah Montana gummy vitamins. There is also Hannah Montana macaroni and cheese. They have come up with just about anything you can think of to slap that girl's face on! lol

Sara picked out her lunch box. It has scenes on all 4 sides, but I will just show you too. She had to have this one because of the horse in the barn.

So that is the stuff they got for school. Next post will be the first two days of school and then I will be caught up on my blogging. And with them in school, I will either blog more or have nothing to blog about! lol

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