Monday, January 19, 2009

Caleb my stalker dog

Meet my stalker dog Caleb. Caleb loves his mommy and he shows that by following me everywhere! If I am on the computer he is on the floor behind me. If I go to the bathroom, he patiently waits outside the door until I am done. He sleeps on my feet. He is my "puppy puppy", that is what I call him.

And in his usual stalker fashion, he wouldn't quit following me around last night so I thought I would turn the tables on him and be the stalker.

Ahhh but I have a camera with an eerie green light that he did not care much for. Anyone who has had their picture taken by me knows about the green light. I have no idea why it's there or how to turn it off. But when I go to take a picture, this green alien beam of light shines on my photo victims, making sure I have their full attention. lol

I generally like to post picture in the order that they happen. But I skipped ahead for this pic because it is my fav. Caleb is so darn cute. I fell in love with border collie's because of him. He is also a total spaz. You cannot just pet him and walk away, he freaks out for more me pet me pet me.

His eyes have an eerie green to them...he fell victim to the green beam!

He decided that if he quit trying to get away from me and just sat still that I would pet him in between pictures.

This is his, "please stop taking my picture now, I cannot see anything but stars" look

I said please mommy.

Okay, I stopped. Then I went to bed which was his signal to jump up on my bed and sleep on my feet.

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