Sunday, January 11, 2009

food storage

At Target the other day I was looking for some food storage containers to put into the kid's lunch boxes and I came across this.

It is a Fit & Fresh Lunch on the Go container and I am absolutely in love with it. They only had one and I plan on going back to get at least two more, but I haven't had time. You can check out all of the other cool containers they have here at their website. I want all of them! lol

It has two small containers with lids that sit on top of an ice pack that is suspended by two little tabs on the side of the box to keep it from smushing anything underneath.

This is just an awesome little lunch box. All of the containers have measuring lines on the side too which is pretty handy.

I also found these for storing fruits and veggies. They are Rubbermaid Food Saver's. They have a little tray that sits at the bottom to keep the food from sitting in moisture and going bad faster.

Pretty cool. Pretty cool.

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Coffee and Vanilla said...

Those containers are very good idea! Must look for them :)