Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Christmas Day 2010

We had a really good Christmas morning. Santa brought the kids exactly what they asked for. That meant an air soft gun for Anthony, a cell phone for Emma and a bike for Sara.

Here is our tree on Christmas morning.

Her first bike!

Her first cell phone!

His first air soft gun!

Later that afternoon we headed over to Kristen and Daniel's to celebrate Christmas with our friends.

I made Kristen, Heather, Michelle and Misty picture frames. I also brought all of the goody bags of treats we had made for everyone.

Jeff, Jacob, Aaron and Travis.

Trixi's son Cody.

Deep frying some turkey! We are in the south you know!

My beautiful Sara Bear! I love this outfit on her, I think she looks so cute!

Walt and Misty's daughter Ava...she's a character!

Kristen and I

Little Noa in the bow I made for her.



Ava and Travis, wearing Ava's bow.

Heather's son Dylan playing games with Emma.

Trixi and River

When we got home the kids had presents from my mom to open.

This Eye Clops BioniCam is so cool! It doesn't have to be plugged up to the tv so you can take it anywhere. It takes still pictures and video and saves them on a flash drive so you can upload them to your computer. I recommend this to anyone!!

Pillow Pets!

And that was our Christmas! I hope that everyone had as good a time on Christmas as we did!

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