Monday, January 17, 2011

Christmas Eve 2010

We had a pretty easy gong Christmas Eve. Aaron went and picked up his little sister Nicole and she stayed a couple of days with us. The girls were so excited because they love their "Cole". I was happy to see her too, we are so much alike and she is always at work so we don't get to hang out like we used to.

My boys lounging.

He looks super excited doesn't he? hehehe

Nicole worked at Lush and so she brought me and Anthony bath stuff. yay!

She also works at Build-A-Bear, so guess what the girls got?!

It's an MP3 playing bear!

I got Nicole at mad-lib for adults book. Funny stuff

She got Aaron Longhorn Yahtzee!

I thought she would like this henna kit. Secretly I wanted her to use it on me! hehe I didn't have any black tea though, otherwise we would have!

The kids got to open their presents from Nicole and one from us. We got the kids each a book. I think books are the best presents!

Emma got a cool paper airplane book. It has all different kinds of paper airplanes for you to make. I had no idea there were so many possibilities!

And both Anthony and Emma apparently can't just smile, they have to be dorky.

Sara got a dinosaur encyclopedia. Awesome.

My pretty present from Nicole.

OMG! I love bath stuff! My favorite is the Snow Fairy shower gel. But the Twilight bath bomb and the sugar scrub are pretty awesome too!

Every year the kids make reindeer food (oatmeal and sprinkles, sometimes glitter too).

They also decorated their cookies for Santa.

Distributing the reindeer food.

The girls made Santa a note.

I love no stress holidays and we really did have a laid back Christmas this year!

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