Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sara's 8th Birthday

In case you didn't catch it, we didn't really celebrate Thanksgiving this year. We were moving into our new house during the Thanksgiving break, so we just skipped it!

Two weeks after we moved it was time for Sara's 8th birthday! We had a party for her at home. It was funny because the food was served on Christmas themed platters; she had Little Pet Shop paper plates and napkins and a dinosaur cake!! My girl loves dinosaurs!

Here is Emma, Sara and Ava


Sara's awesome dinosaur cake

My baby is 8 years old!!

My half a foot taller than me 14 year old son Anthony!

Jeff and Spencer

Daddy got Sara a Justin Beiber poster!



My BFF Rachel. My daughter Emma is named Emma Rachel after her.

We don't smoke but our friends do so we got a little fire pit so they could step outside and still be warm.

Kristen and Rachel

I had lost my camera charger during the move so I had used a borrowed camera and the quality wasn't so great. I have since found my charger though so all is right with the world again. hehe

Happy Birthday to my precious baby Sara Bear!!

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