Friday, April 2, 2010

American Revolution-Jamestown model

I think I forgot to share with y'all that I am once again homeschooling my oldest son, Anthony. He has been at home for about a month now and it has been pretty awesome. I will tell you more about our homeschool stuff after the pictures in this post.

Anthony is doing an in-depth history packet on the American Revolution. He will be working on this for a couple of weeks and by the time we are done, he will know everything you need to know about the American Revolution!

We are using Homeschool in the Woods for this. LOVE IT!! Can't wait to do the Civil War unit!

Here is Anthony holding up his Jamestown replica. You can make your own for free! Just click here to print it up!

Okay, I took Anthony out of public school after the 3rd time he was beaten up by a group (as in 3-4) of kids and the school would not do anything about it. It was too frustrating to keep him there.

So now he is at home and doing so well. I am having a blast teaching him algebra and instead of him getting frustrated with his work, he is happy that someone is here to show him one on one how to do the problems. He doesn't feel lost anymore.

He breezes right through English (the kids is smart) and is about to start Writing Strands 5.

We are about to start Real Science 4 Kids Chemistry for science. And for history we are using Exploring American History, along with the Homeschool in the Woods units.

This summer we are moving and Anthony will go back to public school for 8th grade so he can play football.

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