Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter 2010

Happy Easter!

Every year the Easter Bunny brings books in the kids Easter baskets. The kids know it and love it. Me too, I LOVE books!!

Here are the kids Easter baskets on Easter morning (it really is morning, 1:22 am lol).

The girls knew that the flip flops and the blue bags with cookies were from me. Other than that they each got a book, a box of animal crackers, pencils, Anthony got cocoa clusters while the girls got a chocolate bunny each and that's it.

This is the book the bunny brought for Anthony. It is such a cool book! It comes in a heavy cardboard sleeve and has vellum envelopes that hold replicas of actual letters (like from Washington to Martha), newspapers, posters, etc.

Anthony is studying this time period in history right now so this book was perfect.

Emma got Panda Kisses. It's below her reading level but it was so cute and the bunny knew she would love it. He was right!

Sara LOVES dinosaurs so this book was a perfect fit for her.

Easter morning the girls dyed Easter eggs. It's not really my favorite part of Easter at all but it's one of those things you just have to do.

Sara used the glitter we had left over from making Valentine's and decorated all of her eggs with glitter.

My silly Emma. She is modeling the new flower headband I made her. It was so cute!

Even horsey got dressed up.

Emma got this horse at the Alamo 4 years ago and it has had it's hair singed off in the dryer, stitches on it's side (you can feel the scar), and it is just worn out from being loved.

I'm sure I have told y'all about it before. I think of it like the Velveteen Rabbit...this little horsey would have come to life by now from all of the love it gets from Emma.

I love this picture, she looks so cute!

My babies. They are so cute, I love them so much!!

I found this at Central Market and thought it would be perfect for Easter!

My version came out a lot messier than the picture on the box but they were soooo good! Super moist!

This is River Mae, Steve and Trixi's new baby girl.

I would have posted pictures of her when she was first born if I hadn't of been sick and couldn't go to the hospital. Trixi said that I could come visit them soon and take lots of pictures of her. yay

The boys playing hacky sack.

Trixi with her baby girl River.



Anthony giving hacky sack a try.

Time for the egg hunt...Spencer got a head start.

And they're loose!

More eggs in the front yard, so the kids were let loose again!

This is Trixi's son Cody.

Me and River.

Anthony falling down trying to play hacky sack. lol

Kristen's son Ethan.

We got home around 7 and the girls bedtime is 8:15 so they had time for one more Easter hunt!

I was saving cute themed eggs for them. We had dinosaurs, fairies, cupcakes and zoo animals.

Anthony participated in this one. He may be too old to go egg hunting at our friends, but he's not too old to egg hunt for mama!!

And that was our Easter. It was a lot of fun. I love our friends, they are family to us and I'm glad that my kids get to grow up surrounded by all of these people who love them!!

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