Sunday, April 18, 2010

What my kids read this week

The kids had a book fair at school this week and I picked them up some cute books. Oh how I love books!!

I got each girl two books and one poster. Sara's poster has a cute puppy and kitty on it and Emma's has horses.

Here is one of Emma's books, Shampoodle. It is a really cute book for kids. It has silly humor and a fast-paced story line.

Emma's second book is The Very Cranky Bear. As soon as I opened this one and saw a zebra, lion, moose and sheep playing cards, I knew Emma would love it! And she does!

Sara loves dinosaurs so I had to get her a dino book! How Do Dinosaurs Love Their Dogs? The one I got for her is a board book (she loves them because they are small)...cute book, shows you how to and not to, care for your dog.

Sara's second book was a perfect match for her! As much as she is a mama's girl, that girl loves to push my buttons! She fights with me about something every single day.

I find the best way to deal with Sara is to calm down and just talk with her. Most of the time she is just frustrated and doesn't know how to vent.

Other books we have been reading...

The Everything Kids Environment Book. I love this book! It gives a lot of information about our planet; how to recycle, reduce and reuse. It also has a lot of easy experiments to do....lots of good information and fun for everyone in the family.

Sara loves this book! I love Lois Ehlert's books. Her and Eric Carle (The Very Hungry Caterpillar) are so similar and they both have awesome kids books.

We love Skippyjon Jones in our house!! If you haven't read a Skippyjon Jones book yet, go out and find one right now!! You and your kids will love them. They are a lot of fun.

This is one of Sara's favorites. This whole "How Do Dinosaurs" series is super cute. Check them out!

And then there is One Nosy Pup. Sara loves it. Can you tell that Sara loves books? She loves to read. She will sit on my bed and look at books for an hour at a time.

So what have your kids been reading this week?

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Diana said...

My husband and I go read children's books at Borders for a free date sometimes. Skippyjon Jones books are our favorites!